Ideas for a Video Call Birthday - Corona Virus Lockdown

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

If you are like much of the world today, you are probably living day-to-day with some sort of home lock-down or social distancing restrictions in place. Which for the extroverts out there is probably very challenging, even as an introvert it has got to the point where I just want to get out and see people. As important as it is to try and prevent the spread of the coranavirus, it is equally important to talk about and share ways in which we can stay connected and encourage /celebrate people during this time. We need to be aware how our friends, family and neighbors are going emotionally during this time of isolation/distancing.

A Practical Example It was recently my birthday; as an effort to still have some sort of celebration, my sister-in-law organised a video call with my siblings. As part of that call I had some cake, we played some games and still had a lot of fun. Thou in isolation, I felt remembered, valued and encouraged.

I have compiled a list of questions and a few games which can help you still celebrate and have fun with friends/family during social distancing. Just call them up and start the party.

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Four games great for a video call birthday.

Code Words

You have to guess what words you have based on the single word clues your team mate gives you. But careful though, you don't want to give your opponent points or guess the assassin - that is a quick way to lose.

Guess the Spy

Everyone except for the spy knows where they are. You must ask questions to work out who the spy is. If you catch him before time you win. If you guess wrong he wins.


There is a list of categories. You must think of a word relevant to each category item in the list. It must start with the chosen letter for the round. If someone else has the same answer as you - neither get a point.

How can I use it? (Creative Thinking Challenge)

Pick an object, for example a rubber band. You now have five minutes to creatively think of as many uses as possible (Example: with a rubber band you can, close lolly bags, shoot your brother, use it as a cheap engagement ring, etc.). The person with the longest list wins.

We hope these ideas keep you occupied for a little bit and help to make your birthday fun!

Don't forget to check in on people! A loving world starts with you!

Much Love,

Andy & Aless

The Esplanade Shop

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